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Extending the classroom: Happening Now

Keep Learning

< 1min Read

Term Two Celebration of Learning

Poppers popped, catapults fired and bridges were built during Poihipi’s Celebration of Learning.
< 1min Read

2024 Tree for Every Child

A Tree for Every Child is a Wairakei Primary School native tree planting initiative. Every student attending our school plants a tree in their first y…
< 1min Read

Crazy Catapults

Room 15 students constructed catapults to move pompoms through the air. They were learning how to be an engineer. With their imaginative fluro vests a…
< 1min Read

Thinking like a scientist with an eye for fashion

Room 1 has been learning to think like scientists, testing the properties of different materials to identify them and observe how they act. Students w…
Mathematics and Statistics
4 min Read

Searching for the Right Angle

Whether they are acute or obtuse, the world is full of angles. Students in Room 3 put their observational skills to use as they discovered a variety o…
Science, Social Sciences
4 min Read

As Easy As Turning On The Lights

Room 8's inquiry focused on electricity, examining both how it reaches the power outlets in our classrooms and homes and its positive impact on human …

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