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1 2 3 4 5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive

Learning numbers can be fun, especially if you like fishing. Please read Room 15’s blog about Number Fishing.

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Super Soup

One cold morning Mrs Griffin brought into class and shared a pot of homemade soup. The students in Room 15 liked Mrs Griffin’s soup so much they wanted to make their own.

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Running to Mars

There is 54 000 000 kilometres between Earth and Mars. How long do you think it would take to run there? Room 15 decided to do just that.

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Help, I’ve lost my Marbles

Controlling falling marbles can be tricky. They are easily lost. Please read Room 15’s blog about gravity and how marbles move.

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Getting Ready To Write - Part Three

Getting Ready to Write - Part Three looks specifically at the phonological knowledge students need to write. As I mentioned in Part One, students require a strong knowledge of letter sounds and names to be able to write independently. This blog focuses on and provides more detailed information about the phoneme understanding students need to write.

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Steaming Into School Goes Online

Due to the distancing restrictions under Covid-19 we needed to be creative and innovative with how we would present Steaming Into School during Term 2, 2020. Our SIS Online sessions provided a unique link for our families to connect to Wairakei Primary School. 

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Getting Ready To Write - Part Two

The explicit teaching of handwriting is essential if students are to develop the skills of correct letter formation. Handwriting instruction supports students in producing legible, smooth and fluent writing.

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Getting Ready to Write - Part One

Getting Ready to Write – Part One looks specifically at the connection between handwriting and phonics.

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Mia the Kea

Our class friend (mascot) is named Mia, and she is a Kea. Mia is an adventurous and inquisitive bird who likes to explore and learn. Room 15 students want to be just like Mia. We call ourselves Nga Kaihōpara (The Explorers).  Mia the Kea travels home with a different student each Friday in a canvas bag for the weekend. That student creates a page in her Journal about what they did together.

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Puppets are engaging toys that can help support oral language skills and communication, social/emotional development, and help children learn and understand the world around them through safe, imaginative play. Puppets offer children an engaging way to interact and explore their knowledge and understanding of the world.

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