A taste of art

A taste of art has been on the menu in the Te Huka team as students  had  opportunities to experience new forms of art inspired by the teachers in our team.

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Mrs Jackson channeled her sculpture talents as the students got messy experimenting with clay. Some common words echoed in Room 13 were roll, pinch, squeeze, thump, texturise, squish, cut, flatten and chop.

Clay made me feel happy and I really liked it.

I made a bird. I drew it with a stick. I had to flatten the clay first and make it smooth. I loved making bird shapes and love hearts.

We learnt about texture and creating something using shapes. I made a sun with my fingers. The tools I used were the sticks to make the eyes and mouth.

I made a bird out of the clay. I made some shapes. Some circles. Some water drops and then I made a beak. I felt happy about making a bird.

Mrs Flowers led a photography art taster attempting to snap the perfect shot. The focal point included  friends, teddies and action shots. Students  manipulated their images by adding filters to change and enhance their creations.

We took a photo of our buddy. We changed the colour of ourselves and our buddy.

I liked taking our playground photos. We rotated them and made them bigger and smaller. I liked making the photos like the olden days - black and white.

I took a picture of something and then we changed it around. We could change the colour and shrink the picture. We could make the picture go side-ways.

I used an ipad with my buddy. I took a picture of a teddy bear. We added a filter to change the colour from bright to dark. I liked the vivid option best.

Mrs O’Sullivan’s printmaking group used the design process to create one of a kind, printed masterpiece to reflect each child’s personality. One familiar phrase was

Oh no! Does it come out in with water.

We made a plan so we knew what we wanted the shirt to look like - colour and pictures. I made a tshirt for myself with sparkly stars, rosy hearts and a ginormous whale who lives deep down in the ocean. I got some paint on my hair - oh no would it come out?

I included glimmery stars, juicy apples and laughing smiley faces on my tshirt. I found it tricky because I had to make the paint colour so it was bright and you could really see the outline of the shape.

The girls in Room's 3 and 4 helped us to mix the colours (orange, green and purple) and made sure we stayed in the lines when we painted our names and pictures.

The art rotations gave the students the opportunity to channel their inner creative voices as well as work collaboratively with their peers. They became artists expressing their ideas and being imaginative. 

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