Adventures at Finlay Park

Finlay Park Adventure Camp lived up to its name as Year 6 students faced their fears, challenged themselves in situations outside their comfort zones and made a mountain of memories along the way.

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My second favourite thing about camp is the white smooth slide. You have to pull the tip of the light soft bogey bored or you will roll on the wonderful cold water. If you do pull the tip of the light soft boogie board then you will go on the wonderful cold water. The only bad thing about the white slide smooth is the very long line.

One awesome activity on camp was the massive white slide which was really fast and exciting. When you went down you had a boogie board so you could skim on the water at the bottom. When you went down it at the bottom you had to lift your board up otherwise you would nosedive into the water and that wouldn’t be fun.

My favourite activity was rafting because you could feel seaweed tickling your toes and you had to paddle with your hands and feet and we had a race. I came second because the girls got a head start of like 20 secs but we had so much fun.

I liked to do top team because there were so many cool activities to do like the relay let me explain relay was really fun you got to lay in stretches while two people carried you. 

 My favourite part was the rafting, but before we could start rafting we had to walk there. The walk wasn't really that long but it felt so long, when we got there we got into groups (6 kids and 2 adults) and hopped on the raft. When we started Mr Morehu pushed the raft out and was kicking to make us go faster. Once he got tired some of us kids started kicking and since every raft had a kayak next to it we attached our raft to a kayak and we were going so much faster. We were in the lead. We kept on swapping so everyone had a turn kicking once we were close to the finish we all got so excited but we didn't quite know were exactly it was so we kept going till we were told to stop and once we got to the finish line we jumped off the raft and swam back to shore and we had won the race we were all so happy.

The glow worm trip was beautiful, and there was one thing I learnt, the queen is a very busy lady! One of the activities that was my favourite was animal survival. My biggest fear was Matua Jonas and Wyatt because they were the hunters.

My favourite thing was the hydroslide. Dad made me brave even though I was nervous when I did it the first time. After that I wanted to do it 10 more times. When Dad went down he looked like a jet boat.

I enjoyed it when the parents helped me push the raft. We would not have won without them.

I loved the nachos that the parents helped make and I also loved the burgers - they were delicious!

It was really fun when the parents chased me in the animal survival - they caught me three times.


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