Beneficial Brain Breaks

Brain breaks are short, purposeful breaks that allow young learners to refresh, recharge and refocus their brains. When students are given the chance to refocus with a short brain break, they are quickly ready for the next learning task.  These breaks are fun, engaging and allow the learners to get …

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With this in mind, students brainstormed what brain breaks the class currently used then used their creativity and imagination to discuss, share and draw their ideal brain breaks.  

They created a picture plan with a buddy to show what they wanted to do. After that, they explained their picture plan to others. Students practiced their ideas before recording to make a class video. Success criteria included, using a clear voice, telling the audience about their brain break and using their plan to explain their ideas.

This is me and Harvey’s brain break. We do five star jumps and then five press ups.

My brain break is eating oranges and mine is eating an apple.

My one is us all having a running race. You will race with us and there is rainbow grass in my Dad’s paddock.

I have to do some exercises. I do press ups and star jumps.

The aim is for students to run their own brain breaks independently based on their interests  and ideas. The overall goal is to give students choice based on their own ideas and not the teacher’s, to refresh, recharge and refocus their brains, ready to focus on their next learning task. They can use these skills throughout their learning journeys.

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