Clock Dribble

Sounds like a funny name for a sports game. Students make a large circle and the ball is passed clockwise (to the right) or anti clockwise (to the left). The game uses cooperation as its main focus.

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Our school has been introduced to the Movewell NZ site which has a collection of games which can support and extend the student’s learning, confidence, ability, and enjoyment in participating in movement.

“A key component in building strong relationships and leading happy fulfilling lives is the ability to work, interact, and cooperate with other people. Cooperation is the process of working together for mutual benefit and involves sharing, following instructions, and taking turns. Learning to cooperate means that a person can think about and balance their own needs and wants with others’ needs and wants. This joint effort is mutually satisfying and a skill that children will use during their entire life. ”(Movewell Sport NZ Teaching Resource, 2022)”.

As a class students  talked about the key competency of participating and contributing to work together as a team. Groups were sorted into four students, four hoola hoops and one ball. 

The instructions for the game:

  • Stand outside the hoop and bounce the ball three times inside the hoop. 

  • Pass the ball to the person on your left. 

  • Then change direction, to the right. 

The students found the hoola hoops too difficult as they kept moving on the concrete so we omitted them from the game. It worked much better without the hoops.

Once the students' confidence  on playing the game had grown, we joined two groups of eight students and  added one ball making three balls moving at once. To make the game faster we included only one bounce before passing. It was remarkable to see how the students worked as a team. They were attentive and encouraged other students to watch for the ball that was coming.

Would this work as a whole class clock circle with the addition of more balls?  What a great challenge for our class. What fun! The game got faster and faster as the students were trying to catch up to the ball in front of them. Yes! It worked. We were able to work as  whole class to play the game.

The interactive nature of the game fosters self-confidence and understanding by encouraging students to work together and support each other. 

Evaluation questions from Movewell

How does the team need to work together to make Clock Dribble a successful game for everyone?

Share and take turns

What strategies did you need to use both individually and as a team to be successful?

All need to participate to keep the balls going around tube circle

Was this an enjoyable and successful activity for you and for the team?

It was so fun with everybody joining in

Are there any changes you would recommend?

We could try passing the ball and not bouncing

Taking the hoola hoops away helped us to concentrate on the ball


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