Dancemania Research Projects in Room 8

Room 8 took our dance learning to the next level by choosing a style of dance, completing a research project and making Slide presentations to share. Students developed their research skills, skimming and scanning, summarising, tech skills, decision making, design skills, presentation skills and pub…

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It was fun watching youtube videos and learning basic steps from different dance styles Taylor 


I felt really nervous to present my slides to the class but I’m trying to be a good leader so I am proud I did it. Amelia

I like that I had lots of choices for what activities to do. I chose fire knife dancing because it is really rare and unique. Mithesh

Slide 1: Dance style

  • Choose a style of dance from the class brainstorm. 
  • Watch 10 minutes of champion dancers from your dance style on YouTube. (example: ballet champs, hip hop champs) 
  • Make a title page with photos. Include your name.

Slide 2: Dance History 

Research the history or origin of your dance.

  • When did it begin?
  • Why did it begin?
  • Who were the first performers?

NOW Choose 4 of the following Tasks. Use the title provided as the title of each Slide.

The Dancers

Who dances your dance style?

Write a paragraph to explain this and why these people perform it.

Performance Skills

What are 3 skills you need to perform your dance style at a competition level? 

Give a reason for each skill.

The Music

What music is used for your dance?

Create a page of illustrations or pictures, and a written description.

Can you make a sound clip and add it to this slide? 

A famous dancer

Research the life of a famous dancer of your dance style. Include name, age, where they live, awards they’ve won, and 3 other interesting facts about them. Present your research on a slide and include pictures.

The Costumes

What costumes are worn for your dance? Create a page of illustrations or pictures, AND a written description.

Perform or Teach

Learn some steps from your dance style and show or teach them to the class. Add some photos or a video of you to this slide.

How to perform the dance

Explain your dance style to someone who has never seen it before. Be as detailed as possible.

How to learn

Someone asks you where he or she would go to learn your dance style. What is your reply?

Be detailed – research places that teach or perform your dance style. 

A Poster

Pretend you are starting to teach your dance style in your local area. Create a poster to advertise classes to the public. Include where, when, contact info, prices for classes etc. 

Presenting my work on jazz dancing made me nervous but I did some good learning and I’m glad I showed my class. Lexi

Brainstorming stage:





Researching and designing stage: 





I found it interesting that jazz dancing and jazz music don’t have much in common at all Finn

Presenting and public speaking stage: 






Presenting to the class made me so happy because my presentation was about a special dance called Jarabe from my culture so I liked to educate my class Victoria 

Even though I felt so nervous and I went last, I’m glad I got to share my acro dance project with the class. Mackenzie 

Keywords: brainstorm, research, skimming and scanning, summarising, digital technology, presenting, public speaking

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