Designing A Maths Game

Our thoughts turned to revising and consolidating our basic maths skills. In a writing activity Room 13 students explained what their need was and how they wanted to practise it using a game.

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I need to learn how to count backwards from 20. I am going to make a game so I can learn how to do this. The game will be fun and I will get better.

I need to learn how to count to twenty in te reo Māori. I am going to make a game that I can play with my friends. It will be fun and I can play it again and again.

The advantages of using games, for a specific reason, in the classroom are many. They give students the opportunity to explore and practise number concepts including counting sequences, one-to-one correspondence, and basic addition and subtraction facts. They allow students to develop at their own pace and learn from each other. A positive attitude towards mathematics is developed by reducing the fear of error and failure. The games we created will help students develop their understanding of a number of concepts or consolidate previously learned concepts. I will have the opportunity to observe my students as they work and provide feedback and feed forward.

We used the design process to create our games. After identifying what maths concept they needed to practise the students researched different games they could make, using simple materials, for ideas. They could choose to work with a partner or independently. They then drew up a plan of their game and created a materials list.

The game was made and trialled and any improvements were made.
The game was made and trialled and any improvements were made.

Leave a space between the sticks when putting them out so you can read the numbers and count them easier. 

It was fun. I liked counting backwards from 20 using the sticks. The numbers on the dark side are easier to see. It was a good idea writing over the pencil numbers with a black felt pen.

I drew over the pencil numbers three times to make the numbers dark.

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