Jumping Fun: Paper, Scissors, Rock

Room 16 got introduced to an exciting version of "Paper, Scissors, Rock" that adds an extra layer of active engagement. Students jumping inside hoops, making quick decisions, and engaging in friendly competition, all while keeping their bodies moving and their hearts pumping.

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The students of Room 16 started to understand how to play “Paper, Scissors, Rock” with a buddy in the classroom before we went outside to explore the jumping edition.

Benefits from this jumping addition is:

  •     Physical Activity - Jumping inside hoops adds an element of cardiovascular exercise and coordination to the game, ensuring students stay active and energized.
  •     Social Interaction - The game promotes face-to-face interaction, healthy competition and cooperation, helping students build valuable social skills.
  •     Decision Making - The quick decisions in "Paper, Scissors, Rock" engage students' minds, fostering strategic thinking and mental agility.
  •     Fitness and Fun - Students won't even realize they're exercising; they'll be having too much fun.

The game was fun for me because I got to win one of the rounds.

I like to jump inside the hoops and play Paper, Scissors, Rock with my buddy.

"Paper, Scissors, Rock - Hoop Edition" is a fantastic way to combine physical activity, mental engagement, and social interaction. This active version of the classic game kept Room 16’s students entertained, active, and smiling right through the game.


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