Reaching Peak Strength

Two groups of Year 4-6 students were put through their paces by Aaron from Peak Strength. Using a variety of game and weight based strength exercises, students have had to work together to achieve goals and complete tasks.

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I like doing the push ups - I like doing sports and fitness in a small group. Working with Aaoron is fun because he is a good teacher and he makes us work hard.

The chatter soon dies down as the breathing becomes heavier and they work through the exercises.

We are getting stronger and fitter and our legs are getting stronger.

Aaron focusses on teaching correct form to ensure that students know how to keep injury free while improving their overall strength and wellbeing.

I learnt you need to keep your heels on the floor so you don’t hurt your book. I enjoyed the lava game because you had to use teamwork to get to the other side.

Aaron makes us work hard and makes us keep going until we get it right. It’s good for us because it keeps us fit.

Becoming the strongest version of yourself, it’s what we should all be striving for!

It's been awesome working with such willing students who are eager to learn & become stronger. Trying something new, like exercise or increasing your fitness, can be hard, but these students at Wairakei Primary School have excelled.

They are beginning to understand that exercise & fitness can become a part of their life and how it helps what they do in sport or activity.

I’ve enjoyed every session

Working with Aaron made me focus on not sitting around and remembering to get active. He helped me focus on my inner strength when we were doing the different exercises.

Red faces and warm bodies leave the hall after each session, and we often hear about aching muscles the day after - all evidence of a hard workout.

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Jenna Foley

My journey in education has taken me down many different paths including teaching in an Area school, urban English and Welsh schools, small semi-rural schools and in a purpose built Innovative Learning Environment.

Teaching at Wairakei Primary School allows me to use so many of the skills I gained in these different settings - as well as acquiring so many more. I consider myself a life-long learner and continuously strive to build on my knowledge of teaching and education in order to create the best possible outcomes for students.

In my spare time I enjoy playing netball, reading, getting out and about with my two children and making the most of what this area has to offer.


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