Run Marble Run

Working in collaborative groups, students were tasked with creating a marble run using a range of items. The marbles needed to travel from a height in at least 60 seconds from start to finish of the trip.

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After watching two videos of marble runs created by engineers, students worked together to create their own marble run with the items they had collected.  

Students had to work together to achieve a shared goal and to overcome flaws in their designs

Planning discussions revolved around linking different pieces of equipment and recycled material together using the resources available.

Students persevered through difficulties and tried other methods to connect parts of the run and be successful with directing their marble through a run. There was a lot of discussion.  Changes were made to the original designs as the trials progressed.

We thought it would turn into a disaster because the tape kept coming off. If felt like it wouldn’t work and to just give up. But we kept going.

It was too weirdly shaped so we decided to make it free standing and worked on the floor. Then we attached it to the wall.

Once the testing of the marble runs had been completed, we reflected on how the collaborative groups worked and being successful in achieving the goal of creating a marble run. Not all marble runs were successful, but in reflecting, alternative strategies were suggested.


The challenge was fun and stressful at the same time. When it was videoed the marble took a different route but when it was not being videoed it worked.

Smaller groups work better together, so not everybody is arguing. 

Two to three people in a group works better. One person tends to sit out if it is a group of four.

We needed roles in the group. Two people were telling us the design and two people just built.  That worked best.

We had to be resilient  so we kept trying.  We needed to rethink our ideas and not give up. We showed teamwork.

If we did this again we should use other materials that are lighter.


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