Shot Put

Primary school athletics days bring back memories for everyone.

We all had our favourite and our loathed events - shot put was one of my favourites.

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Bevan Thompson came along to provide our teachers with some professional learning around correct shot put techniques ensuring that our students are taught to put the shot rather than throw it.

Being given guidance around the specific wording for teaching shot put has made it more simple to explain to students. The words “Dirty fingers - dirty neck - high elbows” makes more of a mantra for students to remember the correct way to throw 

It didn’t take long for the competitive spirit to emerge from our teachers and school shot put champions were quick to speak up.

It was nice to have a refresher from when I did athletics throughout my school and junior athletics.

The skills of the correct technique were taught with progressions for more confident students to work towards developing, shown to the teachers.

It was good to have a refresh on how to do shotput - to make sure that we were teaching it correctly.

At Athletics Day it was evident that the teachers had used the terminology with the students about the placement of the hand, arm and shot.


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Jenna Foley

My journey in education has taken me down many different paths including teaching in an Area school, urban English and Welsh schools, small semi-rural schools and in a purpose built Innovative Learning Environment.

Teaching at Wairakei Primary School allows me to use so many of the skills I gained in these different settings - as well as acquiring so many more. I consider myself a life-long learner and continuously strive to build on my knowledge of teaching and education in order to create the best possible outcomes for students.

In my spare time I enjoy playing netball, reading, getting out and about with my two children and making the most of what this area has to offer.


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