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Engaged, focused, and enthusiastic students were observed interacting with each other and tackling the challenges presented during Epro8 STEM activities.  Kits come with a range of activities to choose from combining hands-on construction with problem solving challenges. These are a fantastic way to…

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Room 1 tackled the “Build a Dump Truck” challenge, where students were tasked with designing and constructing a dump truck complete with a tipping tray and moving wheels. 

The trucks had to have:

  • a chassis, cab, and tray built to specific dimensions
  • wheels that were free of obstructions so they could roll freely
  • a tray that tipped
  • sides that could have cardboard attached to them if needed.

Students were split into teams of three or four and were assigned an Epro8 kit. Each team came up with a name for their group and discussed some of the roles they would have to play. All teams had to have everybody actively participating to achieve their shared goal within a set time.

It was hard to figure out how to build a dump truck together. We had to try to figure out how to get the parts to work. In the end my group was the fastest group and we won a prize. I enjoyed the challenge.

I found it tricky when we had to make the back of the dump truck tip.

We had to restart our truck because we made the chassis too wide.

Making the dump truck was hard. We had to work together and sometimes that got hard too.

When we were doing the dump truck it got hard. I decided I could do it. It was challenging for me.

It was easy to make the box and then it got harder when we had to make the dump truck. We got through it. Maybe we can try something harder next time.

First we made a cube and that was easy. The truck had moving parts that were hard to build, so that was a challenge.

We had some problems sorting out who was in charge and some people disagreed. We managed to solve the problems and built the dump truck together. At the end the dump truck looked amazing. We weren’t very good at team work and so we know we need to work on that.

Epro8 activities are designed to be fun, challenging yet engaging, and always include a focus on exploration and discovery. By participating in these activities, students are encouraged to draw on knowledge from across the curriculum, applying it to this new context.  They are able to see themselves as capable problem-solvers and inventors.

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Carla Ross

I am passionate about our students, teaching and learning, particularly in the areas of literacy, digital technology, physical education, and the Arts. I believe that forming positive relationships with students and whānau are at the heart of success for everyone.

I enjoy Wairakei Primary School for the whānaungatanga and maanaakitanga where close connections between staff, students, and the wider Wairakei community are fostered and enjoyed.

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