What do the students think?

During our ‘Your Voice, Your Choice’ inquiry in Term 3 this issue was forefront in the eyes of the students as a key political policy. Many students wrote persuasive pieces of writing in support of the smokefree laws that had been passed.

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Key ideas

Doctors and hospitals will be under less stress and will have to save less lives. So many people go to hospital from smoking and vaping illnesses. A doctor's job is very busy but stopping smoking and vaping will make it a whole lot easier. 


Are you tired of the smell of smoke and of the vapes lying around the cities and towns? Well, the Waiharuru Party is going to ban vapes and cigarettes so people can live longer, and be healthier and stronger! Some people die from smoking and vaping so if someone asks you if you want to try one do not accept it ok!

If we ban vapes and smokes people will be healthier. People will live longer so they can have grandkids. If we ban vapes and smokes people won't have lung cancer, have to get fed through tubes, and stay alive longer. 


Banning cigarettes and vapes will help teenagers. Some teenagers make silly choices. I hope I don’t make the same choice as they do when I get older. Some people start vaping when they are teenages and they regret it when they are older. If we ban cigarettes and vapes now it will save teenages from dying too young. 


Banning cigarettes and vapes will make our environment cleaner. There won't be any cigarette butts all over the ground. If we ban cigarettes and vapes animals won't be able to eat the cigarette butts that are all over the ground. Our air will be cleaner and there won't be any more yucky smells in the air.

Vaping and smoking is super bad in New Zealand and it needs to STOP! Vaping and smoking can cause lung problems, and more trips to the hospital.  So let's do this New Zealand, let's ban these bad habits.  


Vaping and smoking is also very unhealthy. It can make you very sick and you can die from it - you get lung cancer. The liquid in the vapes can make you drown. 

Vapes and  smokes can be very addictive and then it makes it very hard to stop. It is terribly bad for you. If you get addicted to smokes or vapes your kids might want to try it and if they do then they might also get addicted.


I think we should stop selling vapes and smokes. If you share vapes or smokes in New Zealand people can become addicted to them and then it is hard to stop smoking or vaping . Smoking and vaping are expensive and people waste a lot of money on them. 

Smoking and vaping is bad for you and your body. It can make you have lung cancer. It will interfere with your skin, your sense of smell, your hearing, and your eyesight. 

Smokes and vapes include nicotine which makes you addicted. If you try to stop smoking then it might make you very sick because your body is used to nicotine. It can make people grumpy and have mood swings. It is very hard to give up. 


It really does leave you thinking, doesn’t it?

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