Wriggly wiggly worms

They squirm, move and wriggle around in the dirt. They might seem gross to some but to us, they are pretty cool for our environment.

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As kaitiaki and guardians of our environment, Room 9 has started learning about protecting and caring for our surroundings. They've begun to examine the role of worms and their positive impact on ecosystems.

Mrs Flowers got her worms from home and brought them into class so we could have a look at them. They were covered in dirt and food scraps. We used little magnifying glasses to look closely at the worms.

To start our adventure of learning about worms, we considered  their purpose, diet, appearance, and habitat.

We brainstormed using post it notes. We had to think about what teachers  might have worms and what they might eat.

After we made a brainstorm of who we think has a worm farm, we wrote a teacher a letter asking them if they had a worm farm. I found out that Mr Morehu didn’t have a worm farm because he replied to my letter. Hudson

Throughout the writing process, students in Room 9 found that there were important aspects to include in their letters. 

  • Spelling the name of the person correctly. 
  • Making sure they took their time forming letters so that someone else could read it. 
  • Include their names so the reader knows who the letter is from.

I made sure I took my time to use my best handwriting to write my letter to Whaea Teagan.

Mrs Ross wrote back to me and told me she has a worm farm and feeds them food scraps.

Mrs Farquhar replied to my letter and told me that she has a worm farm at home. Her worm farm is a  year old and she has 20,000 worms!

After identifying people with worm farms, we created and discussed a set of questions to pose to the worm farm owners.  The questions were then sent out via email to the worm farm owners. The next steps will be for students to compare and contrast the answers to their questions using a venn diagram to see if every worm farm is the same.

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Codie Robinson

I'm an adventurous person who loves spending time outdoors, camping, hunting, and fishing. When I'm not exploring the wilderness, you can often find me at the gym, where I enjoy staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Growing up in a small rural town in Stratford, Taranaki, I learned to appreciate the simple things in life and developed a strong connection to nature.

After finishing high school, I decided to move to Rotorua, where I studied by distance learning to be a teacher. My partner and I have relocated to Taupō, and we are excited to explore everything this beautiful town has to offer.

I am thrilled to be embarking on this chapter in my teaching career and look forward to making a positive impact on the lives of my students at Wairakei Primary School.


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