Destroy and Construction

Room 4 has been researching and reading articles about sensory boards and what it does for our brain development.

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We found out it encourages us to use our five senses which are, touch, hearing, smell, sight, and taste. It also helps with balance and movement while developing our fine motor skills. 

After watching numerous different Youtube videos we were able to gather our own ideas on what could go on sensory boards and design our own. We followed the design process to investigate, create, reflect, improve, and share before we put out our sensory boards for all to enjoy. 

As a class we wrote an email to our school caretaker asking for any old or unused junk that we may be able to use as treasure.  

As part of our learning we had to develop a plan that identifies the key stages and resources required to complete our sensory boards once we could look at all the treasures we had been gifted. It was vital that we took our time when planning to make sure what we were putting on our boards are safe for people to use. We explained the outcome we were hoping to create with different groups. In groups we can describe the attributes our boards should have and how we want them to be used. 

Destroy and demolition is well underway in Room 4 as we explore a variety of what once was junk.

One man's junk another person's treasure.

Some of the skills we are hoping to teach people from these boards are:

  • Screwing things on and off 

  • Unlocking locks

  • Latching latches open and closed

  • Turning switches on and off 

  • Turning cogs 

Thank you to Ms Fitzsimmons who kindly brought in an old printer to be destroyed and taken apart. There was engagement and cooperation to take this apart without making the printer ink and glass explode everywhere. The saying ‘lefty loosey, righty tighty’ came in handy when having to unscrew screws.

Brody said I took apart a lock and explored that it now makes a clicking noise.
Brody said I took apart a lock and explored that it now makes a clicking noise.
Rikihana said I destroyed a water pump to get the power cord and the fan for my sensory board.

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