GNS Science visit

Our keen geothermal scientists were thrilled to learn that two of our six power station entries had placed both third and highly commended in the GNS Science Competition for 2023. The teams of Geominecraft - Sukhraj, Grayson, Zayn and Lucas - and the Ducky Squad - Andy, Reid, Rikihana and Izak - bot…

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Winning teams from throughout Taupō gave presentations of their entries. We watched proudly as Geominecraft’s video graced the big screen, enjoyed by other schools and the GNS scientists that had gathered. Our students were able to explore what the other teams had made and hear what made their entries stand out. The fact that the heat comes from the core of the earth was an important detail to the judges that made all the difference. We noted this for next year!

Once the formalities were done, we shared a delicious morning tea. Students were then invited to view the labs of the scientists and geologists that do their work there (through the windows for safety, of course). The highlight was meeting a geologist who allowed us to look closely at rocks through his microscopes, even gifting us with crystals to take home. What an exciting job to have.

Our thoughts

Thank you for letting us come see your labs and look through the microscopes and keep the crystals. I liked seeing how GNS does their science. I've never seen how science works like that. Thank you GNS. This was in the top 5 best days of my life.

I could not see into the labs but I got three of my friends to lift me up so I could see in the labs. Thank you for the crystals. When we were in the rooms we were looking in the microscopes. The one we were looking at was from White Island and in the cracks of the White Island rocks, it was a rainbow pattern.

Thank you for letting us come. I loved the crystals and seeing through the microscope. It looked so amazing.

The things in the labs were super cool because we got to use the microscopes and see all of the amazing ores and rocks you found while you were drilling. The celebration for our achievement was great, and it was even better because we got to go to the GNS science labs and I loved it!

We would like to thank GNS Science, Fiona Miller and Anya Seward for the opportunities provided to our students. Completing a practical task in a small group, working towards a common goal, was an authentic way to use the key competencies of Thinking, and Participating and Contributing.


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