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Array City in Room 5

One way we tried was by making an array city. An array is the way a times table is structured and it always makes a square or a rectangle if correct. Read more about 'Array City in Room 5'...

2020 TeMihi T2 ArrayCity 2

Aratiatia Home Learning

Being at home allows us to learn in many different ways. Here are some ways Aratiatia students have been keeping their minds and bodies active.

Read more about 'Aratiatia Home Learning'...

2020 Aratiatia T2 Homelearning2

A visit with Donovan Bixley

A highlight has to be our visit with Donovan Bixley. Through the New Zealand Book Council, authors visit schools and talk about their work. Read more about 'A visit with Donovan Bixley'...

2020 T1 Aratiatia Donovan5

Comic Strip Comedy

In anticipation of a visit from author and illustrator Donovan Bixley, Aratiatia students have been doing some writing and drawing of their own. Read more about 'Comic Strip Comedy'...


Issue #1 - Global Network Newspaper

The next step for the photographers is to make sure that the subject of the photo is clear and not too far away. This is called ‘zooming in’. Read more about 'Issue #1 - Global Network Newspaper'...

2020 Term1 Aratiatia GlobalNewspaper 11

Raranga Harakeke

It is great to try something new and a bit challenging. Room 1 started off with a bit of paper weaving, in preparation for some flax weaving - using the... Read more about 'Raranga Harakeke'...

2019 Room1 Weaving 5

Wairakei’s Got Talent

This was the biggest turn-out yet. With multiple entries across Te Mihi and Aratiatia teams, it was a real extravaganza and a culmination to our inquiry called ‘Summer Concert’. Read more about 'Wairakei’s Got Talent'...

2019 WairakeisGotTalent 8

Bang a Drum

Room 1 is enjoying experimentation with many musical instruments as part of the preparation for Summer Concert.

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2019 Aratiatia BangADrum 01