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Bang a Drum

Room 1 is enjoying experimentation with many musical instruments as part of the preparation for Summer Concert.

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2019 Aratiatia BangADrum 01

Careers Expo

This event supported our learning around financial literacy, needs and wants, and goods and services. Many local business people and Taupo community services arrived at the school, including a Kinloch... Read more about 'Careers Expo'...

2019 Aratiatia T3 CareersExpo 20

STEM: Be a Builder, Architect, Engineer

As we look forward to our Business and Careers Expo on 2 September, we decided to have a go at becoming builders, architects and engineers in a range of STEM projects. Read more about 'STEM: Be a Builder, Architect, Engineer'...

2019 T3 Aratiatia Room1 STEM 12

Beeswax Wrap

Shannon took us all on a tour of the Taupo Recycling Centre, came into class to talk about rubbish, and also brought everything we needed to make beeswax wraps. Read more about 'Beeswax Wrap'...

2019 Aratiatia R1BeeswaxWraps smell01


First, we needed some volunteers. Riley, Nathan and Asharntay were up for the challenge and thought they were good hand washers. Read more about 'Glo-Germs'...

2019 Aratiatia Glogerms 6

Rubbish Reactions

Room 1 looked at photos of different parts of the world showing huge amounts of rubbish gathered in one area. Countries such as India and Mexico really shocked us. Read more about 'Rubbish Reactions'...

2019 Aratiatia GoingGlobal Shannon04

Year 4 Bluelight Camp 2019

Our Year 4 students were very excited to attend camp this year at Bluelight Lodge, Wairakei Village. Read more about 'Year 4 Bluelight Camp 2019'...

2019 Aratiatia Year4camp 4

One Word Goal Setting

Words like ‘new’, ‘try’ and ‘trying’ are all inspired by our POWER virtue of Opportunity. ‘Kind’, ‘kindness’, ‘caring’, 'patient' and ‘helping’ stem from Respect and Whanau.

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2019 Aratiatia Room1 OneWord14