Magic or Magnetism


Magnetism can seem like magic because it is an invisible force.

Room 3 has been investigating the magic around the force of magnetism. Through experiments and investigations, students have found that magnetism is a force that attracts (pulls towards) or repels (pushes away) magnetic objects.  The magic of magnetism is that often magnetic forces push and pull without direct contact.



Magnetic Objects

From investigations, students found not all metal is magnetic.


Mrs Sprague’s coffee cup is metal, but it is not magnetic.  Tinfoil is made of metal, but it is not magnetic. 


Skye found that a pair of scissors and a paper-clip could magnetise (connect) to each other. This led us to find out that if you rub a magnet on a certain metal, you can give it a magnetic force.


Students can classify materials that are magnetic and are not magnetic.

Scientific Language 


World walls and integrating science into writing are helping students learn to use scientific language to communicate precise meaning.

Students are writing reports about the force of magnetism. Mrs Sprague is noticing students' writing is beginning to sound like that of scientists. Students are using scientific words and working hard to communicate precise meaning. Here is the start of Kian”s and Gnapika’s  report on Magnetism.


Magnetism Report By Kian

Magnetism is a force which attracts or repels certain materials.  Objects with iron in them are magnetic.  Force can take the form of a push, a pull, a twist or a turn.  Movement is when a person, place or thing moves places or position.  Movement can not happen without a force.


Magnetism Report By Gnapika

Magnetism is force. Force is movement. Also, movement is when something or someone moves position or place. A magnet has a south and a north pole.  The blue side is the South Pole, so the red side is the North Pole. This interesting fact is that if a south pole and a south pole try to go together, they will repel.  That means they won’t go together.  It’s the same with the North Pole.  But I know if the north and south poles go together, they will attract.  Magnets can also attach to metal and other magnets.  Do you know that the earth also has a magnet inside it?

Magnetic Magic

Exploring with the class magnet set is an enjoyable “Can Do” activity in Room 3. Students feel a little like magicians as they experiment and create.

Here are some of the magnetic activities that can look a little like magic that students have figured out:


I made a fishing set with the magnetics. I used paper, paper clips, magnets, string, tape and a pencil.  Lacey


I made a pyramid with a magnet hanging in the middle.  I used magnetic force to move the hanging magnet.  Max P


I am creating a jungle and will have a lion that walks around the jungle using magnetic force.  Kaley


Jack and I made a maze out of blocks on a table, and then we went under the table with a wand to move a magnetic ball through our maze.  Henry 


I made a magnetic challenge.  Without touching the ball, you have to make it move to the other three balls with magnetic force.  Liam

Curriculum Links:

Science: Physical World

Key Words: Magnetism, force, magic, attract, repel, metal, investigation

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