Taonga Time

Our taonga (things we treasure or value) makes us who we are. Room 3 students have investigated their personal taonga and followed a writing structure to create their own taonga reports.

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To inspire their taonga writing students had a homework challenge. Their challenge was to collect images or items (rather than actual precious things) that represent what is important to them (their taonga). To further the challenge, all items collected had to fit inside a small paper bag. Students had to explain how the items and images collected represented what was important or valuable to them.

Students came up with a variety of creative responses. We had fur, pet food, and nails to represent our pets. Nail clippers, coffee beans, and horse shoes to represent family members. Photographs and small plastic toys were also popular representations of our taonga.

The next step was to write our taonga reports. The writing took place over a number of sessions as we unpacked the structure of an explanation.  

Learning Intention: follow a writing structure

Success Criteria 

  • My introduction includes an explanation as to what a taonga is
  • I have used a graphic organiser to group my taonga into three groups of similar ideas.
  • I have used sequence language:  firstly, secondly, and thirdly, to introduce my three different taonga groups 
  • I have explained why each of my items is important.
  • I have finished my writing with a conclusion.  My conclusion includes my thought and feeling about taonga

After we completed the writing process we published our taonga reports on google slides to share with our community.  We hope you enjoy reading them and make connections to some of our ideas about what we value and what makes us who we are.

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