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Room 5 delved into the world of coding using Scratch and Scratch Jr, embarking on a creative journey of digital storytelling. By using these coding apps, students breathed life into their favourite stories and myths, creating interactive animations and scenes.

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The waikato river.

Retelling our stories was more fun when we had everything actually move to tell the story.

Once I knew how to create the algorithm to make the character's move the rest was a piece of cake.

Coding is a puzzle. All the pieces had to connect together to tell the ‘sprite’ what to do.

The students used the drawing tools in Scratch and Scratch Jr to craft and create moving images that retold their particular story.  Choosing an appropriate background was also important to show the setting and to complement the storytelling. 

Moving the images and making the stories interactive, played a vital role in their digital retellings. The students mastered the art of creating algorithms, so the characters could interact with each other and move in different ways to help tell the story.

Sharing and exchanging ideas and knowledge with Room 5’s senior buddy class, allowed the seniors to show the younger students how to code at a higher level. This tuakana teina sharing of ideas and knowledge, pushed the students' projects to new heights.

Yzaach and Liam retelling the taniwha legend.
Mason and Carter working on retelling a taniwha legend.
Biannca and Madeleine retelling the taniwha legend.

My buddy Tane taught me how to make the characters interact with things.

My buddy and I both learnt new things from each other.

My buddy encouraged me to give things a go once she had showed me how to do it.


With newfound coding expertise, the students ventured into iMovie, transforming their interactive stories into short films. These short movies included voiceovers and video clips that students had to learn to add.

We had to plan and rewrite our script and that was a bit challenging. We created scenes that showed all of the parts of the story. I was very proud of our 40 second imovie showing the Battle of the Mountains.

Next Steps

Students are now learning to use Chatterpix and Book Creator to record their learning in different ways.

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Angel Chauval

Wairakei Primary school has a wonderful rural environment and an amazing community. I enjoy working with this community to help students rise to succeed. Learning happens everywhere and is different for every child, celebrating and challenging students is my drive as a teacher.

I strive to encourage every student to achieve to the best of their ability. My passions are Technology and Science. I use them as foundations in unlocking excitement and wonder to produce thinkers and creators.


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