Water Fountains - Science Fun in the Junior School

Children are born scientists – they are innately curious about the physical environment and naturally open to making meaning through their exploration and conversations with others. Science teaching and learning has a place in all early learning services.

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What We Did

Room 12 explored how water pressure works.

Introducing the Resources

We needed

  • 2L empty plastic bottles
  • Straws
  • Hot glue gun
  • Water and food colouring
  • Balloons

Modeling the Process - Part 1

  • I made a small hole in the bottle.
  • A straw was inserted so most of it stuck out.
  • It was sealed with a hot glue gun

It will shoot out of the straw.

Introducing Scientific Thinking - Part 1

  • Predictions - We thought about what would happen when we filled the bottle with coloured water.
  • Hypothesis - the water would flow out of the straw.

Modeling the Process - Part 2

  • We filed the bottle with water

Introducing Scientific Thinking - Part 2

  • We observed that the water stayed in the bottle and did not flow out of the straw.

Maybe we should shake the bottle.

  • What would happen if I blow up a balloon and fix it over the top of the bottle?
  • Hypothesis - the water would flow out of the straw.


The air is pushing the water out.

The students now know scientists predict, observe and record.

Keywords: Hypothesis, Predictions, Observations

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