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Changing it Up In the Juniors

Teachers are always looking closely at students to gauge their learning behaviours and readiness for next level teaching. Read more about 'Changing it Up In the Juniors'...

Key Competencies Room 16 Getting to know each other

Beginning Writers - What to Expect in Year One

There are two schools of thought currently in schools. The first is that students are encouraged to 'write' a story from when they start school and then the teacher scribes... Read more about 'Beginning Writers - What to Expect in Year One'...

English Curriculum. Poihipi Team Writing Boys No 4

Education Outside the Classroom - Room 15’s Art Adventure

Often we think of school camps for more senior students when we think of Education Outside the Classroom, but it can be as simple as Bike Taupo coming to school... Read more about 'Education Outside the Classroom - Room 15’s Art Adventure'...

The Arts Room 15 Responding to Graffiato No 5

Engaging Games for Maths Learning - Room 15

Whenever I ask the students what they liked in Math they will generally talk about the games we play as a warm up at the beginning of the lesson or... Read more about 'Engaging Games for Maths Learning - Room 15'...

Maths Curriculum Room25 Engaging Games Fans 3

Rocket Ahead in Reading

Research shows that parental involvement in their children’s learning positively affects the child’s performance at school

Read more about 'Rocket Ahead in Reading'...

English Reading Room 15 1 to 1 3

Becoming Scientists

A person with big ideas, who then tests them out. Read more about 'Becoming Scientists'...

Poihipi Science Room 15 Forces Brodie Picture 5