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Sabbatical Sojourn

The topic that got my application over the line was developing ‘Networks of Expertise’ within the Teaching Profession. Read more about 'Sabbatical Sojourn'...

03 Farquhar 2021 Sabbatical.

Why Celebrate?

At the end of each term, each team, class, and individual student shares the work that has been produced. Read more about 'Why Celebrate?'...


Haere Rā Red Dot Tree

We’re sad to lose our Red Dot Tree - Read more about 'Haere Rā Red Dot Tree'...

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Art in the Park Sculpture Trail

What do hubcaps, gardening tools, old milk bottles, egg cartons, cans, buttons, pipe cleaners, toothpicks, melted plastic and recycled wood all have in common? Well, they are just some of... Read more about 'Art in the Park Sculpture Trail'...

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New Building opening 2020

“The opening of these classrooms is not just great news for the staff and students here at Wairakei Primary School, it is great news for Wairakei and our contributing Taupo... Read more about 'New Building opening 2020'...

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Future Proofing - keeping our learners ahead of the curve

A big part of that, is encouraging our students to adopt a commitment to lifelong learning and acquiring the skills they will need to succeed in the future workplace, which... Read more about 'Future Proofing - keeping our learners ahead of the curve '...


Becoming a MathsMatters Whiz

Wairakei Primary School supports a group of selected up and coming Year 5 and Year 6 mathematical experts in a 7-8 week training programme to compete in the local contest, MathsMatters. Read more about 'Becoming a MathsMatters Whiz'...

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Parent-teacher discussions

3 effective questions to make the most of your time at parent-teacher discussions

Read more about 'Parent-teacher discussions '...

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Push Pin - Where in the World? Going Global

Research, investigation, inquiry, presentation and celebrations – this is how we engage our learners at Wairakei Primary School

Read more about ' Push Pin - Where in the World? Going Global'...

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