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Turangawaewae Day - A Celebration of Learning

The school hosted a wonderful to celebrate the end of the unit of work called Turangawaewae. Twelve groups were set up and the teams of children rotated through the groups. Read more about 'Turangawaewae Day - A Celebration of Learning'...

3.06.2016 Turangawaewae Day33

Treasure maps

They had a great time deciding where to put the X for the treasure spot and how many steps it would take to get there. Read more about 'Treasure maps'...

5Treasure Maps 27.05.2016

Farewell Mrs O'Sullivan

We say goodbye to Mrs O'Sullivan who works in Room 8 and 9. Have a great trip overseas with your family. Read more about 'Farewell Mrs O'Sullivan'...

Traceys Farewell 1

Disco April 7

PTA Disco will be on Thursday April 7 starting at 5.30pm. Come along with your family to this great event. Read more about 'Disco April 7'...

DiscoFlyer 2016 04

Day One Senior School Camp

All the photos can be found on the gallary page here. Come and see our photos of the seniors at school camp in Papamoa. Read more about 'Day One Senior School Camp '...

12Senior School Camp 03.2016 opt

Senior School Athletics

Our annual senior school athletics will take place on Wednesday 9 March starting at 11.00am. This event is weather dependant. Read more about 'Senior School Athletics'...

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All About Me by Libby

Why I had to do the All About Me project.

I had to complete this project because it was a follow up activity after my writing goal workshop. I loved doing this activity because it was fun and it made me think about who I am and what I like to do in my after school world.

I think I was working at an extended abstract level.  (SOLO Taxonomy)

By Libby

Read more about 'All About Me by Libby'...

Feb 2016 Libby W

Assembly Survey

Wairakei Primary School, Taupo, Assembly survey

Read more about 'Assembly Survey'...

2016 Screen Shots Feb1