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Aratiatia has spent the term researching the history of everyday items. We investigated and researched the problems solved by the creation of these items.

While brainstorming challenging and interesting display ideas, COVID-19  hit again, tilting our decision towards creating individual websites to showcase their learning. All the students worked hard to build their websites to share with the community.

In order to create effective websites, students had to learn a number of digital skills including how to create banners, insert photos, embed links, design puzzles and comic strips to entertain and inform the audience. 

We considered our audience while comparing and contrasting the items throughout their development and presenting it in an exciting and straightforward format. 

Investigating the history of our objects, we created visual time lines, showing how things changed over time - creating multiple pages, putting thought into the layout, and using a combination of visual and written information. We demonstrated our understanding of what we had researched by including text to inform the readers using our own words.

Use the QR code or their website link to have a look at their final product.

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Harry: Everyone enjoyed my website design. It was great sharing my knowledge.


Bailey: Cameron enjoyed my puzzles and learning about the old consoles.


Oscar: Not many people knew pandemics. They were shocked to find out there have been many pandemics throughout time.


Thea: Harry’s website had lots of cool cars and many fun things to do on his site.


Liam: My comic on how the car invention would have occurred if I had been there, I had trouble completing everything needed on the website. In the end, I was proud of my website.


Amelia: It was a great experience to be able to share my website with my cousin. She enjoyed the photos and information explaining how Anna created dance shoes. 

Keywords: Digital Technology, History, Aratiatia, Website design

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