What happens when you bring an expert to school?

You get students jumping rope all day doing tricks and learning new things.

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Luke Boon and Sacha Willets are skipping royalty. Luke Boon is a current world record holder and 28-time World Champion in the sport of Jump Rope. Luke is one of the most decorated athletes in the history of the sport, and for many years has dedicated his time to mentoring world-class athletes and coaching at local, national, and international Jump Rope workshops.

Sacha on the other hand only took up the sport three years ago at the age of 39. I will let you do the maths on her age.

Together they took the school through a range of jump rope tricks and routines that had the school hopping. No pun intended.

We had wraparound moves. Double bounce moves. The day aimed to have the school be able to do Double Dutch using two ropes.  We achieved that by the end of the display with 6 students aged between 5 and 11 plus Mr Morehu jumping Double Dutch on the stage in the hall.

Luke was amazed that one of our five-year-olds could double jump while jumping Double Dutch. This was the first time he had seen someone so young achieve that. Go Beau Room 16. Fantastic effort.

There is nothing like the recognition from an expert that we are on the right path with the learning of jump rope.  He was able to teach complicated tricks to our seniors because they already knew how to jump. All those years of turning the rope at morning tea and lunch had paid off.

A great buzz around the school. Students were able to answer the question of what did you do at school today. And Luke and Sacha have offered to come back to work with us again.  I wonder if the routines that are developed are good enough to share at Wairakei’s Got Talent.

2024 Farquhar

Paula Farquhar

The long snaking line of students at the skipping rope. Jump in, jump out and off they go, happy and excited. Some still have to "Learn It". Others have reached the "Prove it" stage. Many will remain, comforted to be in a safe inclusive group.

Since 2010, I have been the passionate Principal of this vibrant, successful, and innovative school. It's without hesitation, I say I'm focused on "accelerating growth for student learning outcomes".

My style is fostering a culture of professionalism formed on a solid foundation of critical reflection. My own professionalism is expanded through a network of advanced educational practitioners. Practitioners who extend my theoretical, philosophical and pedagogical base. Fundamental in my belief, is strategic dialogue will map learning and teaching so innovation and creativity can flow into an innovative curriculum.

From considerable leadership experience, I know the school's vision has to be "crafted collaboratively". The adaptive vision must be student driven with ambitious academic goals. Raising success hinges on repeatedly asking: "does this decision help realise the vision?"


  • Katie kruse May 17, 2024, 8:22 PM (7 days ago)

    When Luke came and showed us the tricks I was amazed. When I realized that he was at our school for the hole day I was so happy , I learnt a lot of skills like walk the dog release, this rap your leg thing and a lot more, I'm learning how to turn around while skipping. Shacha skips is on YouTube pls sub to her💖 To this day I still want to skip. I am learning how to do the double under jump, I'm so close of achieving that💖 I even got both of my crocs signed.It was the best day ever💖 thank you Luke and shacha.

  • Katie Kruse May 17, 2024, 8:08 PM (7 days ago)

    I loved seeing Luke and shacha skip it was so cool I even got my crocs signed. I learned alot of tricks like the walk the dog release, turning your leg in the rope, and so many more things. When I came home I told mum and dad a lot of stuff that happened that day. I really want to learn more tricks

  • Charlotte May 14, 2024, 12:39 PM (11 days ago)

    I have heard non stop about this amazing skipping day and how 'the best skipper in the whole wide world came to school' Sophie was very impressed ❤️

  • Sacha Skips May 10, 2024, 4:00 PM (14 days ago)

    What an amazing day! We had the best time at Wairakei Primary. So impressed with all the children and hope everyone keeps up the great skipping!

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