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Skill Versus Luck

Rather than skill versus luck, it is actually a combination of both skill and luck that makes an effective math game.
5 min Read

Jumping Cows and Laughing Dogs

When strolling past our classroom,

You’ll hear a pleasant sound,

Of students singing poems,

There is learning to be found.
3 min Read

Get Sketching

What is sketchnoting? Sketchnoting is visual note taking - using doodles and text to improve memory, recall, and comprehension.
5 min Read

Learning to love literacy

Reading involves learning lots of different skills. Students in Room 15 are breaking these skills  down into manageable parts on a daily basis
5 min Read

Why Wear a Poppy?

Anzac Day, on April 25, is a national day of remembrance for New Zealanders at home and around the world. The day marks the anniversary of the first m…

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