Connecting with Taupō History and Culture

Education is not confined to the four walls of a classroom. Poihipi students experienced this on a field trip to the Taupō Museum, Library, and Pou on the Lakefront. The trip was organised to provide students with an opportunity to experience first hand how stories of the past help us understand cha…

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Before the trip, students had a visit from  Delani Brown, the carver of the Pou on the Lakefront. Delani shared the process and mechanics of creating the carving. He shared the significance of the Pou to his iwi. Students had lots of great questions.

How did you carve the top of the Pou, it’s taller than you?

What happens if you make a mistake? Did you make any mistakes when carving this Pou?’

How did you make it look like metal?  

How did you make the eyes glow? 

How did you make the carvings look so real? 

How long did it take you to make it? 

What is it made of?


At the Taupō Museum, the students were met with Educator, Hariwira, who took them on a journey retelling the legend of the Waikato River's beginning. He planned a treasure hunt around the museum for students to find various artifacts and learn about the history of Taupō. They found  tools and artifacts used by early settlers and discovered the impact of volcanic activity on the region. There was lots of competition to see who could finish first and receive their special stamp.


Kevin at the Taupō Library, captivated  his audience by his engaging retelling of the Battle of the Mountains, that explains the makeup of the North Island. Kevin shared the important events that happened in history on the day of our visits, providing a glimpse of how significant the past is in shaping the present. 


The Lakefront  Pou with Delani Brown's carvings left a lasting impression. The students were thrilled to see all the images that depicted important aspects of the history of Taupō. They learned about the significance of these carvings to the local community and how they represent the connection between the people and the land.

Through this educational outing, the students connected with their community and gained a deeper understanding of Taupō's history and culture. They  learnt about using creativity, storytelling, and preserving cultural heritage.

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