Full Steam ahead for Tokarewa Programme

Showing POWER at Wairakei Primary has moved up a gear with the launch of the Tokarewa Programme.

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The Tokarewa programme is an initiative that encourages students to show the school POWER values of Pride, Opportunity, Whānau, Excellence, and Respect. The programme supports the vision, "Wairakei Primary school educate students with POWER to be confident learners". By having a unified school wide system, all students develop a clear understanding of the values and vision and then it becomes a living, breathing ethos for our staff, students and community. 

How Does the Programme Work?

Students each have their own Tokarewa Booklet. They earn stickers to gain rewards. The criteria is that if teachers notice students showing POWER three times during the day,  they receive a Tokarewa Sticker in their books. When students reach certain numbers they receive prizes.

Our first students received their blue wrist bands for gaining 10 Tokarewa stickers.

It was great to see students from across the school earning their first reward. 

Students were really proud of their achievements and had a sneaky look at the other prizes, while I presented them with their Rising to Success blue wristbands. Other prizes include specially designed badges that depict the different values and come in a range of colours. Balls, swim bags and special vouchers are also part of the prize pool.

I think the programme is really good for every child. The ‘buy in’ has been good, particularly for some of our tricky students. They love the different colours of the stickers too.

I think it's good because it shows the juniors what the symbols mean and good that they can see them and not just have to remember the values.

I think it's a great concept and has a cool outcome.

I felt really happy when I got my first prize.

I think it's good because I want to keep something when I leave the school.

As well as the individualised programme, there is a Wharenui Ngā Tae element. Rising For Success tokens are given out during duty and are also used by support staff and relievers. These blue tokens are very sought after by our students. When teachers notice students showing POWER in the playground, or during team assemblies or team rotations, they are presented with a token. These are taken back to class and students put them in their Wharenui Ngā Tae containers. Every Friday our Manukura go to each class and count up the tokens. A running total is then displayed in the student office window. There are prizes for different levels. When each Wharenui Ngā Tae reaches the totals the whole Wharenui Ngā Tae gets to do something special as a group.  All Wharenui Ngā Tae reach their first 1000 tokens, which is a visit to the Wairakei Playground during class time. 

Tokens are good because it helps us show POWER.

I got tokens for picking up rubbish and being kind.

I like the tokens because if you put them in the jar maybe we will win.

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