Is it baseball? Is it cricket? Well, it’s both!

Room 2’s young athletes are diving headfirst into the experience of striking and fielding games, with a blend of skill, strategy, and sheer determination, these budding sports enthusiasts are mastering the art of tactical decision-making.

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Before students could play the game they began with warm up games that involved mastering how to chase a ball quickly, throw it to a friend to reach a target before the other team. 

To demonstrate correct technique, students were taught to:

  • stand with feet shoulder-width apart,
  • extend arms out in front of the body with palms facing outward and fingers spread wide, 
  • keep their eyes on the ball from the moment it is thrown until it is caught. 
  • Bring their hands together to catch the ball at chest level, absorbing its momentum.

After learning the correct technique, students put there newly developed skills into action by completing the following tasks;

  • Tossing and catching a ball with a partner at a short distance.
  • Throwing a ball against a wall and catching the rebound.
  • Using a target to aim throws and catches.

In Physical Education lessons, students refine their batting skills, aiming for perfect technique with each swing. They learn to hold the bat properly, with their dominant hand at the bottom and the other hand above for control. In Room 2, students strategise their hits, determining where and how forcefully to strike the ball, plotting the ideal trajectory before sprinting towards the first wicket.

We first have to hit the ball off the tee before we run to the first wicket. There is an even spacing between each wicket so we have to make sure we get to the next wicket before the fielding teams hit any of the other wickets. Only one person from the batting team is allowed at each wicket at a time. If we are not safely at a wicket or the fielding team catches the ball before it hits the ground, then we are out. Each team gets three outs before we switch and another team bats.

We had to think strategically about where we hit the ball. I found that if you hit the ball to areas where there is the least amount of players then your chance of getting out is minimised because the fielding team has to run after it before they can throw it at a wicket. I tried to make sure that I didn’t aim for Kian or Liam because they are the fastest people in our class. The fielders are trying to get to the ball as fast as possible. If the fielder got to the ball quickly they had more of a chance to throw the ball at the wicket and get the batters out.

Room 2 isn't just learning a game; they're mastering an art form—one swing at a time.

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