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Take-off, Target, Touch-down

STEM Challenges are terrific ways to help teach students about science, technology, engineering and maths, while building self-management, social skills and problem solving. ‘Target, Take-off, Touch-down’ was one of our STEM challenges. Students, working in pairs, had to launch a paper plane and land it on a landing platform.

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team poihipi room 15 paperplanes 08

Balancing and Braking

Cath, from Kids Bike Taupō, came to school to help our children in Nga Tui learn to ride and develop their biking skills. We learnt about helmet fit, bike safety, bike maintenance and biking skills.

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team poihipi room 15 biking 15


As part of our inquiry, ‘From Here to There’, we investigated where our food comes from. We decided to make pizza because it is delicious and everyone in the class likes pizza.

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team poihipi room 15 pizza making 01

A Tree For Me -Tree for every child 2019

At the beginning of each term students new to Wairakei Primary School plant a tree in one of our school gardens. Planting a tree creates a personal connection between that student and their learning journey at school. This can lead to children feeling important and valued. Providing an enriched environment where students feel valued promotes learning and the development of the whole child. 

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Marble Roll Game

A group of children from Team Poihipi took on the challenge of creating a game. Their task was to use straws and a paper plate to make a course for a marble to roll through. The children had to work together in pairs. They had to follow the rules.

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team poihipi room 15 marble roll 18

Fence Panels

A team of 25 students designed, painted and attached six wooden panels to surround the newly transformed learning spaces outside Room 10 and 11.

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Y is for yacht

In Room 15 learning is fun! We learn our letter-sounds by creating and making things.

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team poihipi room 15 phonics 02

Construction Master Class

One of the Master Classes that children in the Poihipi Team have been electing to participate in this term is Construction in Room 15.

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Ice Cream Parlour

Room 15 & 16 talked about the different flavours and the different ways we eat ice cream.

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discovery play ice cream parlour rm15 31