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What is a SENCO?

Supporting the pastoral, social and academic needs of students with identified special education needs is a team effort. SENCO co-ordinates all the st…
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Hands-on Experiences Develop Writing Skills

Playing on the playground, visiting the maze, painting self-portraits, noticing spring or blowing bubbles are just a few of the ‘recreative’ writing m…
5 min Read

Creative Reactions

Twirls, spins, break dancing, robot arms, and laughter have filled Room 15 during the afternoons.
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Bricks Club Builds Social Skills

Whether you are the engineer, the supplier or the builder, Bricks Club is a favourite for students on this programme.

Math Around Us

Mathematics is all around us at home and at school. From doing jigsaws and playing Connect 4 during Discovery time, to more structured learning experi…
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Full Steam ahead for Tokarewa Programme

Showing POWER at Wairakei Primary has moved up a gear with the launch of the Tokarewa Programme.
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Six Bricks

A group of teachers sit nervously waiting for the Six Bricks -  professional learning to start. Sitting in front of us are six different coloured Dupl…

Poihipi’s PMP

Every morning from 9.30a.m. until 10a.m. Poihipi Team can be seen  jumping, crawling, catching, laughing and having lots of fun, while  practising a v…

Senior STEM Experiences

Part of my role as Assistant Principal is to be in and out of different classes from juniors to seniors. How could I make my time in the classrooms a …

Vision and Mission

Wairakei Power Station was commissioned in 1958 and Wairakei Primary School followed not long after on September 7, 1959. Our school history and cultu…

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