Room 2 Dance Journey

What did they really know about dance? They could name different types of dance, such as hip hop, breakdancing and ballet. Most students had trouble naming a single element of Dance. This is where Room 2 dance journey began.

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We are running in unison - Matthew

Would students be able to move their bodies in different ways to show movement and explain what dance elements they were using? Would they be able to work with others to choreograph dance movements  and show relationships between them? 

We are doing an under and over using different body bases

It started with making shapes with their bodies. Students were surprised that this was dance. Reluctant dancers realised that the idea of dance wasn't so scary after all, especially when they joined 3-4 movements together to create their first piece of dance choreography. From there, while movements remained the same, students had to incorporate different elements of dance into their choreography.

We are doing an on-off

Next came the use of different body bases, mirroring, cannons, unison, unders and overs and so on. Suddenly, we had a room full of dancers. 

We used a circle as a body shape when we had to spin Sabian

We showed different levels in our pyramid and cannons in our twirls

At the start of our dance we spun in unison and did unders and overs with bridges

We are at different level

Now that students could move like dancers and talk like dancers to describe their movements, Anna gave each group of students the freedom to create their own short piece of choreography. Each group would perform their dance as part of Summer Festival performance.

We are mirroring our splits and at different levels on the bike

We are posing in unison

Our dance journey was challenging, fun and a successful one. Now, everyone can move like a dancer and talk like a dancer. 

Room 2 would like to give a huge thank you to Anna for all the time and effort she put into our dance journey. She took the worry out of dance and showed us how easy it was to find the fun in it. Students wanted to share how she shaped their feelings towards dance.

I'm pretty happy about dancing so far. The way Anna teaches us is great. I used to feel uncomfortable dancing in front of people, but not so much no

I do not like dancing because I do not do it that much, but Anna is a good teacher and has made me feel better about it. I have learnt about body shapes, unison and cannon

Before I felt dance was scary when youre on stage, but practising with Anna makes it easier.

Summer Festival of Movement Room 2
Summer Festival of Movement Room 2

Keywords: Journey of Dance, elements of dance, body shapes, mirroring, unison

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