Sweet Treats for Our Feathered Friends

Calling all nature enthusiasts and bird lovers! Room 9 has taken a delightful plunge into the world of caring for our native birds by creating a special treat: sugar water.

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As kaitiaki , we understand the importance of supporting  feathered friends, especially during times when natural food sources may be scarce. To provide a helping hand, we've embarked on a mission to create a nourishing sugar water solution for our local birds.

To get started, we gathered the following materials:

  • Sugar: A crucial ingredient for our sweet concoction.
  • Water: Pure and clean, ensuring a safe mix for our birds.
  • Containers: Sturdy vessels to hold the sugar water.

Our recipe was simple:


  • ⅛ cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of water


  • Boil the water: We ensured the water was clean and boiled it to make it safe for the avian friends.
  • Mix the sugar: While the water was still warm, we carefully stirred in the sugar until it dissolved completely.
  • Cool and pour: After the solution cooled down, we poured it into our containers, making sure they were clean and ready to use.

I took photos on Miss Robinson’s phone while Valentina was pouring her sugar water into her container.

We had to get one of the small cups of sugar and then tip it into the bowl and then we could add the big cup of warm water in the bowl too.

If the water wasn’t warm enough then the sugar wouldn’t dissolve.

I had to carefully and slowly tip the water through the funnel so I didn’t spill and waste the sugar water.

But why sugar water, you might ask? This homemade solution mimics the nectar found in flowers, providing a quick energy boost for birds like silvereye, tūī, and fantails. Especially in colder months or during dry spells when natural food sources may be limited, this sugar water acts as a lifeline for our feathered friends.

Room 9 students took home their sugar water to share with the native birds near their home.

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After finishing high school, I decided to move to Rotorua, where I studied by distance learning to be a teacher. My partner and I have relocated to Taupō, and we are excited to explore everything this beautiful town has to offer.

I am thrilled to be embarking on this chapter in my teaching career and look forward to making a positive impact on the lives of my students at Wairakei Primary School.


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