Winning the Party Vote

During the lead up to an election New Zealand’s political parties are easily identified by their logos. Each party’s logo is distinct to them, uniform in colour and shape. It unifies their candidates across the motu and helps voters to recognise the parties in which they may vote for.

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For the upcoming Te Mihi election, it was decided that we also needed logos for our political parties (whare tiaki). Our voters needed to be able to recognise which party each candidate (student) within each electorate (class) were affiliated with. 

Working together, the Manukura for each whare tiaki created a party logo. This logo needed to incorporate their whare tiaki colour, their stream name and also an image to connect to New Zealand or our local region.

We decided to use a kiwi and the fern because they are both New Zealand symbols.

Brainstorming generated some initial ideas before discussions were had around what would best represent their party (whare tiaki).

We all drew our ideas onto paper and then we picked one that we thought was best - we added some of the details from all of our designs. 

Mangaraupō were lucky enough to have Oscar come along with some ideas he had been working on at home.

I wanted to be involved with the process of making the logos even though I wasn’t a manukura. I showed them all the designs I had created and they chose one that they liked. They took the best bit from my design.

His idea to include the steam was perfect because of the connection to the power station.

His idea to include the steam was perfect because of the connection to the power station.

Using Canva, the Manukura created four distinct logos.

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