Developing Independence at School

Developing personal independence at school is important for students. Team Poihipi implements the ‘Independent Learner Licence – Level 1’ to encourage students to get themselves ready for their day at school, share their learning with others, and be responsible for their own belongings.

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Trust Tree

The Trust Tree represents Room 16’s class agreement to create a positive learning environment. Through several class discussions, the students agreed to work together, trust each other, follow the classroom rules, and use the school’s POWER values (POWER Drops) of Pride, Opportunity, Whanau, Excellence, and Respect.

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Mack’s Tasty Fruit Salad

Being a fan of this dessert, I asked him for more information about the ingredients he had used and how it was prepared. Read more about 'Mack’s Tasty Fruit Salad'...

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