Ko Horomatangi te Taniwha Rangatira

Room 14’s inquiry topic has been ‘Our Place.’ In the initial planning the teachers have included Māori local legends from Ngāti Tuwharetoa. Read more about 'Ko Horomatangi te Taniwha Rangatira'...

Room 14 Taniwha Retelling 8

My House

To start with, Room 13 looked at their own homes. Through discussions in groups and with partners they identified different aspects about their homes including physical features and emotional ties. Read more about 'My House'...

photo socialsciences room13 6

Geometry Geniuses

Bringing in different models of visuals we were able to have a more hands-on learning experience. Read more about 'Geometry Geniuses'...

GeometryGeniuses 12

Native Neighbours

First the students learnt to write questions about what they were curious about. They formulated wonders about kiwis. Read more about 'Native Neighbours'...


Student Reports

As part of our end of year celebrations we have been writing our own student report to share with our whanau. Read more about 'Student Reports'...

Happy end of 2018 photo of Room 14

The Mexican Hat Dance

We are comparing and contrasting life in Mexico with our lives in New Zealand

Read more about 'The Mexican Hat Dance'...

We have to dance with a partner2

Room 13 Drivers

We are learning how to ask or generate questions when we want to learn about something, to know more about something or how to do something.

Read more about 'Room 13 Drivers'...

8. Tom and Emily recreating the Eiffel Tower using blocks

Arty Technologists

We also learned that it is okay to change things as we go because when we start building we may realise that what we thought would work, doesn’t.

Read more about 'Arty Technologists'...

8. choosing a variety of construction materials