Our Power Station - The Power Monkeys

Part 1: The things that we used to make our power station were pretty simple. First we found a place to work and laid out our newspaper and we were ready to start our power station. We got our paint and our cardboard boxes, straws, toilet rolls and a lot of other things ready.

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We built a plan on Minecraft. We put all of our things together and laid out all our things where we were going to put everything, then we glued it all to the base.


For the pipes, we used straws and toilet rolls. We used big cardboard boxes as the buildings that you see driving past power stations on the road. Then we started to find popsicle sticks and cotton buds. We figured we could use them as power lines and we made steam using cotton balls and put them on.

Part 2: How the power station works
The first step of the cycle is the water gets pumped from an underground well and turned into steam in the flash tank. Then the steam gets pushed through the pipes until it gets to the turbine. When it gets to the turbine, the steam pushes the turbine. After that, the turbine starts to turn the generator which produces the electricity then it is sent to the grid and to people’s houses. The excess water goes to the cooling tower which cools the water and puts the water back into the ground and that's why the power doesn't run out. It is called renewable energy.


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