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4 min Read

Dip, Swirl, Dab, Swipe

By using the sequence, dip, swirl, dab and swipe, and the correct terminology such as ‘apply’ and ‘bristles,’ students followed an art process, and ga…


Subitising is the ability to recognise how many objects there are in a set or a group instantly. This skill is an important step towards students deve…
< 1min Read

Leaving a Positive Footprint

Room 13 students discussed how they could leave a positive ‘footprint’ around Wairakei Primary. A footprint meaning leaving some kind of impression or…
< 1min Read

Budding Room 14 Plant Scientists

Students planted bean seeds in pots. With their scientists ‘hats’ on they predicted what might happen by drawing their seed and predicted how it would…
< 1min Read

Adventures at Finlay Park

Finlay Park Adventure Camp lived up to its name as Year 6 students faced their fears, challenged themselves in situations outside their comfort zones …
4 min Read

Where Curiosity Ignites

Curiosity is sparking as they question, explore, and keenly observe the wonders of the world. From delving into the mysteries of fossil formation to p…

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