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Getting Sorted - Statistics in the Junior School

Sorting or classifying objects is one of the early foundations of statistics. Teachers use a variety of items for students to sort to encourage them t…
4 min Read

Bricks Club Builds Social Skills

Whether you are the engineer, the supplier or the builder, Bricks Club is a favourite for students on this programme.

Maths definitely Matters

Sixty students. Twenty teams. Forty minutes. Twenty questions. One winning team. This is Mathsmatters, the mathematics event of the school year for Ye…
2 min Read

The Best in the Multiverse

Exaggeration makes everything bigger, better, and a lot more exciting. Students have been learning to use hyperbole (exaggeration) in their writing, f…
4 min Read

Carving up a good read

Gaining life perspectives from stories and articles is a rich learning experience.
4 min Read

Box City Brochure

What exactly is the point of a brochure? What information do they hold? We found out they have information about local tourist attractions or business…

Fantastic, Fast, and Fun Fitness

Term 3 and cross country running go together like fish 'n chips. Cross country training can inspire a love or hate response. While most students can i…
5 min Read

Urban Planning - making decisions for the community

Driving through Taupō at the moment you don’t have to go far to be caught up in the big changes that are happening in the town centre. We looked at th…
3 min Read

Taupō Postcard Magic

The inquiry topic, Taupō - Moving with the times, we discussed the distinctive attractions of Taupō. The learning focused on inviting a special person…

Double It!

What do you do when a fantastic teaching opportunity lands in your lap? You run with it, boots and all. That’s exactly what happened when announced in…
4 min Read

From there to here

Going to a conference and representing your school is a highlight. Being able to talk about the journey of learning for students and teachers with oth…

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