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Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Small ball skills is an aspect of the Health and Physical Education curriculum and Poihipi students have been mastering these as a team. Students were…

Digital Media in the Classroom

Students use a range of digital tools to share their learning in the senior school. Each student has a Chromebook or a device brought from home (BYOD)…
5 min Read

The journey of who I am so far

Room 4 has been exploring who we are as a person and what makes us who we are. Every child was asked to bring along items that are special to them. We…
3 min Read


Mā te tuakana ka tōtika te teina, mā te teina ka tōtika te tuakana — From the older sibling, the younger learns how to do it, from the younger sibling…
4 min Read

Stop, Think, Go - Drop Writing

Drop writing is a way to build writing skills and stamina. There are a few rules to follow to guide students when writing:

Write the whole time, no s…
5 min Read

Plans of Treasure

The New Zealand Curriculum aims to create writers who can form and express ideas on a range of topics. The challenge was to find a topic that could ho…
7 min Read

Power for Learning Journey

Wairakei Primary started their Power For Learning (PB4L) journey several years ago with 2022 seeing a rebranding and introduction of the Tokarewa prog…
4 min Read

Wings of our Taonga

New Zealand is home to a vast array of unique and captivating endemic bird species. From the colourful kōtare, to the stunning tūī, these birds are a …

A Balanced Diet

A Balanced Diet - with this title you may expect this blog to be about healthy eating. It is, in fact, going to be about math.

Our Tamariki as Taonga

Room 14 has focused on how tamariki (children) are taonga. We learnt that taonga should be cared for and treasured and why and how we can look after o…
7 min Read

Turning Pages - Dive in to reading

As parents, we often dream of a bright future for our children, wanting them to grow up to be successful, happy, and fulfilled individuals who can mak…
4 min Read

Adding a pop of colour

Bird sketching is a fun and rewarding hobby that is enjoyed by people of all ages. The key to successful bird sketching is mastering the required tech…

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