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Falling Feathers and Balancing Balloons

Each day the students in Room 16 participate in a range of movement activities using feathers, balloons, and paper plate batons. Behind the excitement…

Pattern Detectives

Room 11, has  been learning about patterns. To begin the learning journey, I needed to get an idea of what the class already knew about this subject a…
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Recognising Student Leaders

In a full school assembly, we presented our Year 6 Manukura, Bus Monitors, Librarians and Road Patrollers with badges and hats to wear at school.

Matariki nine stars

As part of learning about Matariki, the students of Room 7 searched deeper into the meaning of the nine stars that are part of the Matariki cluster.
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Swoop Week

A “swoop” is a descriptive writing activity where students respond to an image.
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Ngā Timatanga Hou - New Beginnings

Matariki signals the start of the Maori New Year. Reflecting, setting goals and making plans for the future are part of  the mahi that is done during …

Who makes the decisions

With the New Zealand elections fast approaching, Room 1 students embarked on our learning journey by tackling a physical education activity to learn a…
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Village planting

It takes a village of many hands to prepare the ground for planting. That was the aim of the day. Every class was rostered on to help dig holes and to…
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Matariki Celebration day

The Whare Taiki groups rotated around the teachers over two days as part of the whole school celebration for Matariki 2023. Mixed ability and ages wer…

Partition Party

Partition refers to a way of dividing a set amount or number into pieces. These pieces are known as parts of the partition. During this activity parts…
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Tackle5 Champions

Te Mihi students have been involved in a new Tackle5 initiative from the New Zealand Rugby Football Union. Supported by Josh Standen from King Country…
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Matariki Celebration at Wairakei Primary School

Matariki, also known as "the rising of the star constellation", is a significant time in the Māori calendar, as it marks the start of the Māori New Ye…

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